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Aric 1 - 2 hours, 3 sessions

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks so my project has been on a bit of a hiatus. However I managed to squeak this portrait in.

Aric has one hell of an amazing face, I’ll be drawing him again for sure as this portrait fun to do ( but I don’t think I captured him quite right yet).

For this portrait he gave me his signature expression which you can see at his site:

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Laurel 1 - 1.5 hours, 2 sessions

This time I broke up the drawing and painting into two rounds. This allowed me to step away from the drawing and come back and make corrections to the likeness that i didn’t see before.

Laurel does some really nice watercolor paintings of here own. I love her little birds. Check them out:

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Jansen 1 - 1.5 hours, 2 sessions

This week was very productive for portraits.

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Lin 1 - 3 hours, 3 Sessions

I was asked if the subjects of this portrait series are from reference photos I took or am I using found stock photos. Since the post "Heather" I have started taking my own photos and all of these people are my coworkers. I wanted to push myself to draw different types of people and my workplace offers a diverse selection of subjects.

My original intent with his project was to get reacquainted with watercolor and challenge myself to use it differently than I had before. Capturing a likeness adds another challenge, which you can’t ignore when you know your subject will see it on social media the next day.

For example, The image above was my third attempt at painting my coworker Lin. I didn’t feel like I captured her likeness nor was I satisfied with my approach… so i kept trying.

The below image shows my two aborted attempts.

In the image on the left I realized midway through that I didn’t have a solid enough drawing and I was overpainting the planes of her face. I started over and finished the image on the right, however it didn’t feel good either. This one was too stiff and the washes for the planes of her faces didn’t indicate good form or volume (which I then tried to compensate for by leaning too heavily on line work.)

The final has the kind of balance that I am striving for. There is a nice variety of brush stroke applications and the definition of the planes of her face aren’t heavy handed.

With watercolor it is best to respect the fluid nature of the medium rather than fight it. It’s also wise to try and express a plane or a detail in as few strokes as possible. I believe watercolor can be controlled but it shouldn’t be tamed, otherwise you loose the spontaneity and liveliness that makes it such a great medium.

I figured showing my “failures” would be interesting to some. It’s way easier and more gratifying for me to show off my successful drawings. However that would eliminate the honest struggle that comes with making things.

The only real failure is not doing anything.

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Miguel 1 - 2 hours, two Sessions

This was a tough one.
I had a solid drawing at the beginning. Midway through I lost his expression and had to find it again. I’m glad that in the end he looks happy.

I had to use white gouache (opaque watercolor) to fix his eye lid and upper lip. For his stubble I loaded up a dip pen with watercolor and stippled, which was really fun!

I think some of my moves worked really well on this one, and others make me happy there is another day to keep painting ahead.



Liz 1 - 1.75 hours, two session



Jay 1 - 1.5 hours, one session

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Heather 1 - 1.5 hours, one session

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Watercolor Portraits

Back in November I painted a small monochrome portrait of Stacey Walker from the iPad app “Posebook by Silver”
It is a great tool filled with some great poses and expressions to paint from that I highly recommend.

Stacy 1 - 1.5 hours, one session

I really liked how this came out especially her hair. I have a few unpublished paintings in this style and working this way has always felt fun and natural.

I always wanted to do more like this one but then, I moved and needed time to set up my studio again. So at the beginning of this year I painted Stacy again.

Stacy 2 - 1 hour, one session

Since then i have done a few others. This one I got from the great blog Portrait Drawing References:

Anonymous 1 - 1 hour, two session

And this image was from a Bob Kato workshop DVD

Andy - 1 hour, two session

These are all painted with Windsor Newton “Neutral Tint ” on 7in x10in Arches 140lb watercolor paper with 3 - 4 brushes ( a round, a big flat, a small flat, and a squirell hair brush). I also limit my time to ideally an hour, however sometimes I have to take a break and let the first wash dry.

I’ll post more as they come ( I am hoping to start taking my own reference, lookout coworkers!)


More figure Drawing

This weeks session was focused on quick poses. This new technique ( only using watercolor and brush) has forced me to commit to my mark making.

3 min poses
3 min poses

3 min poses

3 min poses
You can see me stumble when I start thinking too much. Another good back attached to chewing gum feets :)

5 min poses
Funny thing is during this session the longer the poses got the more trouble I had.

2 min poses

2 min poses

2 min poses
Felt good about these 2 minute poses

2 min poses

That’s that!